Dr. Thomas A. Timberg has written and lectured widely on the subjects with which he is engaged. The subjects include entrepreneurship, economic history, the political economy of development, small and medium enterprise promotion programs, and financial development.

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1Why is India ShiningDownload Now
2Who are the SassoonsDownload Now
3What Happened in the Great DepressionDownload Now
4Two Discourses Financial Liberalisation HappenedDownload Now
5Scratches on the Sands of Time: Review of Two Long Term Retrospective Village Studies in IndiaDownload Now
6Rural Employment Limits and Possibilities: Review of Employment Expansion in indian AgricultureDownload Now
7Micro and Macro Data in Village India A NoteDownload Now
8Microfinance and Alleged Abuses In India and Around the WorldDownload Now
9Review of Stanley Kochanek, Politics and Business in BangladeshDownload Now
10Review of Thomas Carrothers, Promoting the Rule of Law AbroadDownload Now
11Jewish SlaveryDownload Now
13Final Ukraine BIZPRO Anti-Corruption StudyDownload Now
14GD in Indian Business and PoliticsDownload Now
15INDUSTRY Cannibals and MissionariesDownload Now
16Informal Credit Markets in IndiaDownload Now
17Interest JewishDownload Now
18Final Bangladesh Rural Electrification Anti-Corruption StudyDownload Now
19Decades of ChangeDownload Now
20Business and Industry in Nineteenth Century IndiaDownload Now
21Black Jews & Jewish BlacksDownload Now
22Borunda A Case of Exhausted DevelopmentDownload Now
23Financial services - MozambiqueDownload Now
24On MSME Project Nigeria for CBN JournalDownload Now
25Review of A.K. Dixit, Lawlessness and EconomicsDownload Now
26Politics and Business in BangladeshDownload Now
27Small Banks in IndonesiaDownload Now
28MSME Final report 250312Download Now
29What I Learned in Indonesia 2003Download Now
30The Malukus its IDPs and Economic ProspectsDownload Now
31Institutional Credit in Irian Jaya West Papua 2001Download Now
32Economic Reform Agenda for Indonesia 1999Download Now
33Opium Sector Survey Afghanistan 1992Download Now
34Why Isn't There More SME Credit from Commercial Banks in Indonesia 2000Download Now
35Small Credit in North Sulawesi 2002Download Now
36Small Credit in Takshimalaya 2002Download Now
37Small Credit in West Java 2002Download Now
38Small Credit in West Kalimantan 2001Download Now
39Trademarks and Small BusinessDownload Now
40Why Isn't There More SME Credit from Commercial Banks in Indonesia 2000Download Now
41Development Banks and Mozambique 2004Download Now
42Egypt Trade Finance Reform for Small Business Development 1997Download Now
43Market Survey of Proposed Trade in Environmental Services Project in India 1991Download Now
44Economic Reform Agenda for Indonesia 1999Download Now
45Opportunities in the Banking Quagmire in Indonesia 2001Download Now
46Interview on Nigeria MSME ProjectDownload Now
47Catfish_finishedDownload Now
48Rice_finishedDownload Now
49Tourism_finishedDownload Now
50The Poor Versus the DisfranchisedDownload Now
51The Role of Antimonopoly Committees in the Former Soviet UnionDownload Now
52Big and Free is Beautiful: China and India, the Last 40 Years and the NextDownload Now
53The Impact of Indian Liberalization on UIS-Indian RelationsDownload Now
54Informal Crredit Markets in indiaDownload Now
55Review of Kamal Chinoy, The Rise of Big Business in IndiaDownload Now
56Chaim GradeDownload Now
57Sir E. V. SassoonDownload Now
58THE JEWS OF INDIA -- Short TalkDownload Now
59yeshiva Finances Oct 2018aDownload Now
60Yeshiva Finance AddendumDownload Now
61Family Narrative as Business HistoryDownload Now
62Letter on ConvergenceDownload Now
63Jewish Refugees (1) (1)Download Now
64Review of Kudaisya book on Bombay PlanDownload Now
65Jews of Calcutta from Bengal Past and PresentDownload Now
67Bihari Backwardness from 1982Download Now
68Final-Bangladesh-Rural-Electrification-Anti-Corruption-StudyDownload Now
69Flame University Webinar on Indian Traditional Merchant CommunitiesDownload Now
70JEWS IN INDIA Book From Advent/VikasDownload Now
72Dysfunctional Labor Market Regulation as a Drag on Indian DevelopmentDownload Now
73Development in the Delta: How Bangladesh Has Led West Bengal on the Path to DevelopmentDownload Now
74Bibliography for Development in the DeltaDownload Now
75Mumbai Corner 1944Download Now
76Theresienstadt July 4Download Now
77SouthernJewishEntrepreneurstoNYp1Download Now
78Southern Jewish Entrepreneurs pp2and3Download Now
79Bhaimara and Bangladesh -- a Book Review FINALDownload Now
80The Odds Revisited:Political Economy of the Development of Bangladesh: Book ReviewDownload Now
81indonesia India January 2024RsubbedDDownload Now