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Dr. Thomas Timberg

Dr. Thomas A. Timberg is an expert on economic and social development with extensive experience in financial sector development, enterprise and sectoral promotion, regulatory policy and reform, rural development, and monitoring and evaluation.

He recently retired after more than 20 years with Nathan Associates where he managed various parts of its international practice as well as performing various technical assignments. He was Team Leader to the Nigerian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Project Project Management Unit (2004-2010). He was earlier Small Credit Adviser to Bank Indonesia under the Pegasus Project (1999-2003), Chief of Party for the Center for Policy Reform, Armenia, Special Studies Afghanistan (1997-1999), and Chief of Party for the ARIES Project. ARIES Project (1985-1990) was a world wide USAID Project supporting micro and small enterprise initiatives in more than 30 countries. He was team leader for an evaluation of CARE Bangladesh’s food security program in 2004.

Before joining Nathan Associates Dr. Timberg was a consultant to various USAID, World Bank, and private sectorprojects and has also taught at American University in Washington, D.C.

Dr. Timberg has written and lectured widely on the subjects with which he is engaged as shown in the attached bibliography and resume. The subjects include entrepreneurship, economic history, the political economy of development, small and medium enterprise promotion programs, country and regional economic planning, training and organisational devekopment and financial development.

Dr. Timberg has a Ph.D. in Political Economy and Government from Harvard University and a BA from Harvard College.

Dr. Timberg also advises on taxation, antitrust matters, investment opportunities, deregulation, budgeting, and industrial development.